Vurt: The RPG

by Alexander Lepera and Lee Pruit, Ravendesk Games

We’ve been working with the amazingly talented team at Ravendesk Games on various projects since about five minutes after Alex's first Gen Con playtest finished. This includes promoting – and playing in – their bi-weekly Vurt game on Twitch. Vurt, the Role-Playing Game, is based on the visionary (and hallucinatory) science-fantasy world of author Jeff Noon, who won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Vurt in 1994.

Streaming and Video

Robb and Char stream live with the Ravendesk team every other Sunday on the Ravendesk Twitch channel.


The North Gort Boomers

Paint Three Stripes!!! “The North Gort Boomers are a rowdy gang of street toughs who took the Boomers gang from relative obscurity to a powerhouse in North Gort and their surrounding districts.  The MPD (Manchester Police Department) tried and failed to take them down, but there was this reincarnated death god...”

For the North Gort Boomers campaign, After each session, Irrgardless scripted a recap the events of that session and worked with a proper “Manc” voice actor to translate this all into Mancunian. Mancunian, though, isn't the easiest dialect to grasp, so Irrgardless would then subtitle the entire recap in slightly more, uh, conventional English.


Dog Save the King: The Consultants

“Along with the North Gort Boomers, quite a few other (even more important) people have disappeared and left mysteries and power struggles in their wake.  The Consultants have been hired by the King of Manchester, King Jaz – off the books, of course – to investigate.”

The campaign was continued with an all-new style for videos and promotions, featuring an animated, glitchy mashup of the Manchester flag and the Jamie Reid's Sex Pistol Union Jack.

Social Media


We created multiple promotional posts to go along with both campaigns, as well as for the UK launch of the RPG book.

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