Cypher Unlimited identity

for Cypher Unlimited

The founders of Cypher Unlimited, the fan-run, fast-growing Discord community for fans of Cypher System and other Monte Cook Games publications, asked us to rebrand the “CU” as they are quickly approaching 2,500 members.

We created a branding system with two voices. First, a typographic solution that drove home the “unlimited” aspect of this community with some playful infinity-symbol e's. Second, icons that lend themselves to emoji and social media use, reminding everyone of the CU nickname.

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To show the new identity in a more dynamic fashion, we created this title card for the Cypher Unlimited YouTube channel where it introduces every new video the CU team creates.

Last but definitely not least, we showed the logo in use in possible merchandising opportunities.

GM Roulette

We created a logo for the recurring GM Roulette show on YouTube that combined the CU branding with a double-meaning roulette wheel to give voice to the inherent excitement and "danger" of having every aspect of your roleplaying game be randomly determined. Even the role of GM shifts every 30 minutes!


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