Size Matters

by Morné Schaap and Eric Lamoureaux, Just Insert Imagination

We were brought in by Morné and Eric to convert their short adventure Size Matters (about a lab accident that shrunk all the player characters) from the Savage Worlds and Index Card RPG editions to the Cypher System.

Of course, we couldn't just stop there, though!

Working with SeiWorks' Stephen Seibert, we took into account the differences between the two existing versions, and pulled it apart to its essential components. Then, we reconfigured and edited the adventure to fit with the Cypher ethos, and adapted the mechanics to keep the spirit of the original, while adding all-new twists that Cypher players would come to expect, such as GM Intrusions and one-use items called Cyphers.

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Cyphers are the heart – and the namesake – of the Cypher System.  In addition to a list of existing Cyphers that would work well in this light-hearted adventure, we created all-new loot and inspirations for the heroes to use.

GM Intrusions

This Cypher System mechanic is a fun way for the GM to move the story forward and introduce new twists and complications in exchange for giving extra XP to the players. 

We created or adapted at least two intrusions per location. They range from a green glowing blob of goo slowly taking over the room to a giant kitten (hey, when you're an inch tall, kittens are giant!) looking for some playtime.


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