The Team

We’ve been doing this for a while, and we’ll keep doing it. We love creating beautiful design work and playing games.


Char Irrgang, Designer/editor

A.K.A. The Design Queen, Char has been designing for more than 15 years and has a reputation as a multi-faceted pinch-hitter that’s always eager to add new tricks to her quiver.


Robb Irrgang, Designer/developer

A.K.A. The Loud Silent Partner, Robb takes a systematic approach to design and development but also knows what typefaces have the best looking ampersands.


“What can’t Irrgardless do? They handle all our live streams on Twitch, do outreach and communication with our partners, contribute to our social media, and now they are working heavily with us on development of our next Vurt: the RPG publication. There’s really nothing they can’t do well once they set their sights on it, and their extensive professional experience outside of our industry has proven to be a huge asset to anyone they work with.”
—Alexander Lepera, Ravendesk Games

“After working with Charlotte and Irrgardless on a few titles, I wouldn’t dream of teaming up with anyone else. Not only is she a very talented graphic designer, but she plays and understands games. She’s a great editor and puts thought into every detail, challenging the design to an extent that has added a real shine to our titles. Going with Irrgardless gets you the full package and you won’t be disappointed.”
—Stephen Siebert, SeiWorks

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Charlotte of Irrgardless. She is a very talented graphic designer and editor. She handled all of our questions and late edits with grace and professionalism. I would love to work with her again, and would recommend her services to everyone."
–Anthony Fernandez, Cypher Unlimited

“We got our logos and YouTube intro animation designed by Team Irrgardless and we could not be happier with the results! Clean, eye-catching work that we’ve received a number of compliments about. Highly recommended!"
–AncientAlbatross, Cypher Unlimited

Charlotte Irrgang took what was originally a printable fan-made character sheet and turned it into a functional and easily usable fillable PDF. Her attention toward user experience allowed for additional features users didn't even know they wanted. And the collaboration was both professional and fun.
–Kristian Serrano, The Immaterial Plane

“I had no idea what I was doing. I first connected with Charlotte when I was looking for an editor and graphic designer for my very first self-published role-playing game publication. The whole idea seemed so distant and far away. But Charlotte turned a quirky dream into a tangible product. She is a brilliant teammate who brings a fun and vibrant attitude to every interaction. Charlotte was there with me every step along the way on what truly became our adventure. I’m so grateful to have found her, and would work with her again in a heartbeat.”
–James Walls, Living 4 Crits & Blank Shot Games

“I had the pleasure to work with Charlotte on a project for the Savage Worlds game system. Her knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is top-notch. It was great working with somebody so exceptionally skilled. Charlotte’s attitude made it easy to work with her. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Charlotte and would love to work with her again on a project. I highly recommend working with Charlotte, you would be hard-pressed to get anyone better.”
—Karl Keesler, Art Director, Dog House Rules

“Charlotte has an intuitive grasp of graphic design and an excellent eye for detail. She’s caught several things I’ve missed, and her insight has improved the presentation of two of my products.”
—Richard Woolcock, Zadmar Games

“Working with Charlotte has been an absolute pleasure. Her design input was spot-on. Also, as a non-native English speaker, her support in polishing the language and phrasing of my products was invaluable! I cannot recommend her enough and am looking forward to working with her again."
—Manuel “ManuFS” Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment

“I've worked in advertising for more than 30 years and have dealt with more artists, illustrators, editors, and graphic artists than I've had hot meals. When I started writing game materials, Charlotte and Robbert at Irrgardless Design blew me away. They were professional, insightful, and challenging in a way that made me rethink my own material. And it was vastly improved with their help."
—Chad Ward, Chad Writes



Irrgardless wants to make gaming look better, and to help game designers focus on what they do best: even better games.