The GM Table branding

For Bobby Evans & Mike Szczepaniak

The GM Table is a multi-channel stream devoted to roleplaying games, with an emphasis on Savage Worlds and Dungeons & Dragons.

This branding project started as a simple request for a new logo.  We discussed where and how it would be used and realized that the logo needed to be part of a larger branding effort to unite all of the GM Table's channels and games under one system that was flexible enough to brand The GM Table as a whole while differentiating each stream as unique. Also, because new properties are often created at a fast pace, it should be easy to add to the family of GM Table logos.

The icon of the d20 as a table with chairs can be pulled out and used as a decorative element in other areas. As the main brand,  The GM Table has two variations: one for the eponymous channel and one to be included in other channels, events, and more.

The One-Shot Wednesday channel developed a short campaign called Friends with Bennies. As a test of our design system, we gave it its own logo but used the Wednesday color system to denote that it was part of the same show.

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Once the main branding concepts were finished, we moved on to incorporating them into a larger layout and giving the whole channel an overall theme.  The first part of this was making a Twitch overlay for Savage Adventures that would incorporate the logo designs and expand the design language to work in new capacities.  Savage Adventures is a time- and space-hopping adventure using the Savage Worlds system. 


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