Bug Hunt: The Children of Argent

by Stephen Seibert, SeiWorks

This Cypher System adventure follows recruits from the Ancient Brotherhood of Roughnecks as they investigate an unusually peaceful town. The Earth survived the bug-pocalypse (when giant alien bugs attacked and took over) but humans... not so much.  The Roughnecks are what's left of the resistance.

We worked closely with SeiWorks on every aspect of Bug Hunt: Children of Argent. We collaborated with Stephen on refining the story, designing additional creatures, editing and proofreading the adventure. We also handled all design tasks, including designing a logo, drawing maps, art direction, and crafting a fitting, bug-pocalyptic layout system for the Bug Hunt campaign series.

Between all this and also playtesting various versions of the story, we went the extra mile to make this a professional quality product.

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